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Support outreach activities after earthquake damages museum site

Waiting to return to its beautiful venue of the San Domenico monastery damaged by an eathquake on 30 October 2016, the University of Camerino Science Museum is planning outreach activities.

The recent seismic crisis in central Italy has halted the activity of the University of Camerino Science Museum (https://youtu.be/x7LVSPVca6E), but The SCIENCE MUSEUM of UNICAM Museum System starts again!

Bringing our collections outside the museum to work directly with interested schools or organizing temporary exhibitions in school, museum venues, institutions, municipalities during the next months: please, invite us. We prepare for you educational activities and events, also about the earthquake.

Support us: we would like to buy a van and realize our “Museum in motion”! If we get enough money, we will realize also a meeting space for citizens and students!!!

You can donate here: www.ilfuturononcrolla.it: Science Museum

Follow us: www.facebook.com/museodellescienze.unicam/ and https://sma.unicam.it.


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Museo delle Scienze - Università di Camerino

Situated since 2003 in the splendid ex Convent of San Domenico, the Science Museum of Camerino University was founded in 1988. After the seismic crisis of august – october 2016, the museum is temporarily closed to the public. The most important collection of the Natural Science Museum in the field of natural history is the “Colfiorito Basin” fossil collection. Excavations have been carried out since 1987 in the two sites of Collecurti and Madonna del Piano, Colfiorito basin (Umbria-Marche Apennine), near Camerino.

This collection presents fossil bones belonging to hippopotamuses, elephants, rhinos and other Quaternary fauna.