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Summer Program 2016

As usual at this time of the year, the Planetarium Science Center at Bibliotheca Alexandrina opens registration for its Summer Program, for school students, ages 4-16. the program takes place during the period from May 22 to September 8 2016.
The program offers a variety of scientific activities, including a group of selected scientific workshops carefully designed to attract students and make learning an enjoyable experience.

The program consists of a range of different scientific themes, offered for each age group with the suitable approach. The program provided for children from 4-6 years includes three thematic programs; robots, first aid, and a trip around the world who informs the children about other countries culture and geography.

The elder children's program (6-9 years) learn about Planet Earth, in addition to first aid, and robots. As for children ages 9-12 years, their program contains workshops about the human body, and chemistry.

finally the Center offers the preparatory and secondary students two levels of the robotics program, so as to keep up with modern technology, and satisfy the desire of students to learn these new sciences, and the Astronomy Club, which includes a variety of astronomical activities, including lectures, workshops and observations of the sky and the stars.

The center also offers the Chess Program for students in elementary school, to teach them the basics and rules of the game from the beginner to advanced levels.

The Program ends with a big ceremony, which recalls all fun times the students had spent together fulfill their passion for science, and share the experience with their families and friends, to disseminate the concept of interactive learning, and highlight the importance of informal scientific education.