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Music Step by Step

The musical education project STAIRPLAY combines an innovative, unconventional approach to music teaching with musical theory content. This new interactive installation allows users to playfully experience and learn about notes and music-making in just a few steps - at every step, in the truest sense of the word.

The fixed stairs at the beginning of the sound museum's musical tour therefore act as a piano with 13 movement-sensitive steps as keys, each illuminating the activated note on the wall panel. This allows visitors to understand the relationship between instruments and notes - playfully, instantly and simply. Their musical knowledge, and especially their skills and abilities, are therefore constantly developed. Those who prefer to play "ensemble" music can create sounds on the staircase together with others. The interactive musical staircase therefore combines the theoretical teaching of musical content with more tangible, practical experience, making it easier and more entertaining than ever before to learn the notes.

The interactive musical staircase has been specifically designed for those who have little knowledge of the world of music and reading music. However, people who are very familiar with music will also enjoy the musical stairs. STAIRPLAY - MUSIC STEP BY STEP will therefore permanently stimulate people's enjoyment of music.

School groups from Austria are regularly invited to a special workshop to try out STAIRPLAY's many creative possibilities. Teach-the-Teacher programmes are also planned.

To accompany the musical staircase, a newly-developed musical note educational game is also being launched, to be followed by a web-based version of the game for adults and children, for use in schools and homes. The individual learning modules have differing levels of difficulty and can also be individually tailored, depending on the learner's level of knowledge.

STAIRPLAY is based on an idea and concept by Dr Hubert Gruber, and has been technically implemented by Dr Leander Brandl and Dr Christof Neugebauer.

In cooperation with the Lang Lang International Music Foundation


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