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Our latest project - For the new Experimentarium

The Beach, at Experimentarium
The Beach, at Experimentarium

Experimentarium has re-opened its doors after a major refurbishment, revealing an impressive 11,500 square metres of exhibition space which includes “the World’s first interactive cinema", “an enormous roof terrace for open-air activities” and 16 interactive exhibitions. We had the privilege of working with the Danish science centre on the design, build and installation of their indoor water exhibition. The Beach contains exhibits that explore marine environments, water safety, ecology and conservation, with the usual with high interaction for the visitor and even some splash potential for those brave enough. Some exhibits are housed in a steam-pink submarine, wooden ship and beach huts, all built in our London workshop.


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Science Projects

Science Projects is a non-profit organisation specialising in the field of interactive exhibitions and exhibits. It operates The Observatory Science Centre in south-East England, an exhibition design and build service and travelling exhibitions for hire.

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