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Online Course: Science Communication: Online & Media Writing


Do you want to hone your science writing technique? The Science Communication Unit at UWE Bristol is offering a 10-week online course aimed at giving participants the confidence and know-how to write clear, engaging stories that stay true to science. Whether you’re a scientist who wants to write for lay audiences, a science communicator looking to sharpen your skills or someone who is completely new to the field, the Online and Media Writing course will appeal to you.

The course will take you right through the process from spotting a good story, to developing a narrative and then structuring your writing effectively. It will show you how to adapt your writing to different audiences, as well as how to make what you write more visible online. It will also guide you through different writing styles, such as blogs, press releases and ‘long form’ articles. You’ll receive individual feedback on what you write.

The course is delivered entirely online in a way that allows you to fit your studies around other commitments. You will complete assessed work as part of this course and on successful completion receive transferrable credits (ECTS).

The course runs from 20 April 2020 - 14 June 2020.

Visit the course website or email science.communication@uwe.ac.uk to find out more.


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