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Muzeiko launches a call for artists

The Muzeiko Foundation is inviting an open call for artists from Europe as part of an international project under the Creative Europe programme of the EU. Deadline is 31 March.

Accessible Art for All

As part of the international initiative AAA - Accessible Art for All, the Muzeiko Foundation is inviting an open call for artists and artistic teams to commission imaginative and creative installations with strong social messages, fostering reflection and sensitivity towards problems of persons with different abilities.

Artists and / or creative teams in the field of visual and interdisciplinary arts, architecture, literature, design, photography and other fields, incl. digital art, music, without restrictions in genres, techniques and tools are all welcome. The call is open to artists across Europe regardless of age or professional experience.

The Accessible Art for All open call aims to deepen the understanding of the abilities of people with physical, sensory and mental challenges, who struggle daily with limitations in their environment and often remain invisible to society.

The Open Call is a part of the international collaboration, aiming to convey messages on important societal concerns to future European generations through the means of art. It is implemented in five European cities: Rome (Italy), Leicester (UK), Hamburg (Germany), Krischanstad (Sweden) and Sofia (Bulgaria). The project is funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and the Sofia Culture Programme for 2021.

For the full open call’s guidelines please visit the webpage.


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Muzeiko Foundation

Muzeiko is the first and only children's science center in Bulgaria, and is located in the capital city of Sofia. It was developped and is supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. Muzeiko was opened in October 2015.

Muzeiko has over 100,000 visitors per year from the whole country and abroad.

Muzeiko learning team has developped science and art programs for children anged 4 to 12, as well as for school groups related to the school curriculum.