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Mikko Myllykoski is the new director of Heureka

Mikko Myllykoski

The board of directors of the Finnish Science Centre Foundation has elected Mikko Myllykoski, as the new director of the foundation, which operates Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre. Myllykoski has been Heureka’s Experience Director and a member of the senior management team since 2002. He has worked for the science centre since 1990, including in the roles of Exhibition Coordinator and Head of Planning. Mikko is also the Chair of Ecsite's Conference Programme Committee and has been highly engaged in the Ecsite Network.

Myllykoski had been appointed temporary CEO of the Finnish Science Centre Foundation in the summer of 2020, taking over from Tapio Koivu, who had taken up a post at the University of Oulu. The temporary position was made permanent as of 3 September 2020.

As the CEO of the Finnish Science Centre Foundation, Mikko Myllykoski will also be the CEO of the Heureka Overseas Productions Ltd (HOP). HOP is a subsidy fully owned by the Finnish Science Centre Foundation and supports the Foundation's activities through the export of Heureka’s exhibitions.


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Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre

Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, is a lively hands-on exhibition and activity centre for people of all ages and among Finland’s most popular leisure time destinations. Heureka opened to the public on April 28, 1989 and attracts nowadays on the average 300 000 visitors a year. Heureka has interactive exhibitions and a planetarium. Everything works in three languages: English, Finnish and Swedish. Heureka is located in the Helsinki metropolitan area, in city of Vantaa, Tikkurila, and it is open around the year. More information: www.heureka.fi