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JRA’s Global Design Expansion Continues with Addition of Sam Xu in Asia-Pacific

RA – Part of RWS Entertainment Group – welcomes a new strategic leader to expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

纽约 – 2022年5月XX日 – JRA – RWS娱乐集团的一部分 – 欢迎一位新的战略领导者,以扩大其在亚太地区的影响力。

Sam Xu joins JRA as a Beijing-based senior business development leader and account manager. He most recently served in a similar role for the Beijing studio of Thinkwell Group, a global design and production agency. He also previously served in account manager roles for Kingsmen Beijing Co., Ltd. and Fu Expo, Beijing.

Sam Xu作为驻北京的高级商务拓展负责人和客户经理加入到JRA。他曾在全球知名的设计和制作机构Thinkwell Group的北京工作室担任类似职务。他还曾在Kingsmen北京公司和FuExpo担任过客户经理。

Xu’s high-profile projects and accounts include:

Sam Xu的高知名度项目和客户包括:

Universal Beijing, which opened September 2021. The US$3.3 billion amusement park is the fifth Universal Studios-branded theme park in the world.


Oriental Pearl Tower Park, an attraction centered around the world’s sixth tallest tower. The appeal of its unique architectural design combined with diverse attractions make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Shanghai.


Sunac Hangzhou Bay Theme Park, a water park in Hangzhou that features 18 rides, including a slide that promises speeds up to 60 mph and one of the longest water coasters in China.


In this role, Xu will serve as the face of JRA in the region, focusing on the attraction, tourism, leisure, hospitality, retail and municipalities markets in the Asia-Pacific region. He will be responsible for driving growth in B2B experiences, master planning, design, project management, events, productions and services to organizations, while raising the awareness of JRA within the industry.

在这个职位上,Sam Xu将作为JRA在该地区的代言人,专注于亚太地区的景点、旅游、休闲、酒店、零售和城市市场。他将负责推动B2B体验、总体规划、设计、项目管理、活动、制作和运营服务的增长,同时提高JRA在业内的知名度。

JRA is experiencing its biggest year to date with three dozen projects in design and development all over the world. JRA is a subsidiary of RWS Entertainment Group, the world’s largest, full-service provider of visitor attractions and experiences. RWS continues to expand its global presence, including the recent acquisition of ted, Europe’s largest entertainment, audio visual, fitness and custom merchandise company.


“While JRA has been working in the Asia-Pacific region for over four decades, hiring Sam further solidifies our commitment to the region and our belief in its potential,” said JRA Vice President Chloe Hausfeld. “Sam will bring a whole new level of service to the Asia-Pacific region. Each client will benefit from the strength of the entire international team, elevating the guest experience and bringing more smiles to visitors across the globe.”

JRA副总裁Chloe Hausfeld谈到:“虽然JRA在亚太地区已经有了40多年经验,但雇用Sam进一步巩固了我们对该地区的承诺以及我们对其潜力的信心,Sam将为亚太地区带来全新的服务水平。每个客户都将受益于整个国际团队的力量,提升游客的体验,为全球的游客带来更多的微笑”。



Founded in 1987, and now part of RWS Global, JRA is an internationally recognized, award-winning team of next-level creators who transform imaginary worlds into real live moments for the ultimate guest experience. JRA’s team prides itself on designing vividly but responsibly, creating destinations that are not only beautiful and memorable, but also operationally successful. That is why JRA is a trusted creative force that brings to life attractions, exhibits and other immersive environments, captivating visitors on land and at sea.