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Job: Tinkering Studio Project Coordinator

The Tinkering Studio Project Coordinator is responsible for the logistical coordination of the Exploratorium Learning Studio and Tinkering Studio, as well as logistics associated with current projects housed in the labs. Work includes on-site support of educators, artists, and scientists in residence, organization of on-site and off-site workshops, flow, tools, and materials. This position will also be expected to support the design and fabrication of environmental details and activity development materials.

The Project Coordinator is also responsible for co-developing informal science, art, and technology educational workshops in collaboration with Learning Studio staff and visiting artists, scientists and educators, and participating in the related educational research studies. The position requires the ability to facilitate adult and youth visitors in the Tinkering Studio, a public space for making and tinkering on the exhibition floor. The Learning Studio Project Coordinator reports to the Tinkering Studio Program Director.

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