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Job: Education & Learning Officer at Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridgeshire, UK

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Salary range: £26,794-£32,108
Permanent position
Applications closing date: 17 August 2020

We have an exciting opportunity for an Education and Learning Officer to join our Wellcome Genome Campus Public Engagement team. You will play a key role in co-ordinating and delivering the Wellcome Genome Campus education and learning programme, supporting involvement of staff and students from the world leading Wellcome Sanger Institute and European Bioinformatics Institute.

The Public Engagement team is part of Wellcome Genome Campus Connecting Science and the role benefits from cross-working with a range of companion teams with diverse expertise.

About the role

You will work closely with the Education and Learning Manager to identify, develop and sustain relationships with schools and community learning groups, with particular focus on target geographical areas hallmarked by high pupil premium, indices of deprivation and/or lower social mobility.

The role includes responsibility for the day to day delivery of education experiences, both on and off Campus, that connect Campus staff with learning groups, particularly secondary students across our target regions, but also extending to primary and informal learning groups. The role offers the scope for development of new genomics and biodata learning resources based on fundamental genomics science as well as latest knowledge arising from Campus research. You will also play an important role in capturing and monitoring data from education and learning activities, helping to build evidence of outcomes aligned to our overarching evaluation framework.

Given the current focus on virtual and remote learning environments, we expect the role to offer freedom to innovate in this space, taking advantage of our existing and well established online resource platforms. As a significant proportion of the role will involve engagement with formal learners, it will be advantageous to maintain contemporary knowledge and robust cross referencing with the UK education curricula. The role also benefits from regular cross-working with other members of the PE team, Connecting Science and wider Campus – particularly around pervasive themes of equality and diversity, and evaluation.

Given the range of activities this role will contribute to, there will be an expectation for occasional evening or weekend working, which will be offset through our approach to flexible working and TOIL policy.

The application form can be found at the Wellcome Sanger Institute's website here.


  • education
  • learning
  • science communication
  • public engagement
  • outreach
  • schools
  • genomics
  • biodata