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Job: Archaeology Collections Manager

Museum of London

The Museum of London’s Archaeological Archive is looking for an Archaeology Collections Manager to join its team in creating space for future archives;

Overall job purpose:

  • To improve the storage and access of the Museum’s archaeological material contributing to the assessment of individual site archives for significance for the London Collection
  • To improve the storage and accessibility of the archaeological collection via collections care work and short term volunteer engagement projects
  • To work as part of a project team assessing individual site archives for research and engagement potential, rationalisation, and disposal.
  • To audit and investigate current archaeological records held within the Archive in relation to site assessment work
  • To build relations with archaeological units and key stakeholders relating to the archaeological collection
  • To develop methods to migrate archaeological data onto the museum’s collections management systems, (inc. Mimsy XG)
  • To disseminate archaeological material via collections online

More information and online application. Apply by 4 November.


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Museum of London

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