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“... it's so simple!” - new permanent exhibition at Innovation Center Mill of Knowledge

Innovation Center Mill of Knowledge (Toruń, Poland) is delighted to announce opening of a fourth permanent exhibition - "... it's so simple!". It allows visitors to become a scientist, designer and an inventor.

The exhibition includes 26 exhibits divided into four different zones: "Brainy", "Mechanical playground", "Techno World" and "Think, see, do." The exhibition theme is built around the computer game Tetris, where different building blocks harmoniously formed the display.

All zones are in different colors, so that visitors can easily assign a single exhibit to the particular area. Zones are designed to be spacious, allowing unrestricted access for people with disabilities.


One of the most important feature of the exhibition is igniting visitors` creativity and ingenuity. Many exhibits will be "co-created" by visitors, who will choose the type of activity or task they want to perform. Moreover the exhibition encourages visitors to cooperate, because only the joint effort will allow to achieve the objective of the task - says Marcin Centkowski, Mill of Knowledge spokesman.


Exhibits will be aimed at, among others, developing short-term memory, logical thinking, manual skills, understanding of the law of Pascal by using a special pump and raise the seat, getting to know the principles of Newton law of dynamics by moving discs of different weights and sizes. By throwing a dart visitors can converse potential energy into kinetic energy or the conversion of potential energy into electricity. Mechanical theater will allow to develop technical and motor skills. In section "man of the future" exhibits will allow to learn about the history and future of transplantation. In a special simulator visitors will be able to design a vehicle of the future and to drive it.


The exhibition will have a dedicated space for children. It will act as a contact point for families with small children. Scientific content have been prepared in the funny and easily digestible manner. Differentiated exhibits will help parents and children to spend time actively and learn at the same time.

The opening ceremony will take place on Friday 30 September.

Photos taken by Huttinger.


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