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Humans need not apply

Robot sitting at a desk, part of Vincent Fournier's photography series The Man Machine. (c) 2010 Vincent Fournier

Science Gallery Dublin is seeking up to thirty works for our HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY exhibition.

Do you have a project that demonstrates the emerging abilities of artificial intelligence? Are you creating a new work of art or design that critiques or speculates on a future in which robots hold every job? Or maybe you’re dreaming up a performance in which artificially intelligent systems debate one another, do a stand-up comedy set or sculpt Michelangelo’s David in a new pose? We’d love to hear from you about your installation, object, interface, design or experiment.

The exhibition will include current demonstrations of AI capability and creativity, plus art and design speculations on a post-work world. Science Gallery Dublin will showcase the future of AI, but also ask how economists, sociologists and educators are (or are not) preparing us for a world where intelligent machines surpass us in nearly every skill our labour market values. Are we in a golden age of AI, or the dusk of our dominance?

Submit your proposal by 1 September - all you need to know here.


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