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How to Tour an Exhibition

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Exhibition Manager Carli Brown at an installation of The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited

Call Flying Fish. We’ll take care of it.

Here’s how we do it.


Approaching the industry in a fresh, yet fundamental way, Flying Fish works exclusively with museums & science centers to take their collections and their expertise out to a wider global market. We do this by forming a cooperation and merging our expertise with that of our clients’. Our clients come to us with collections, ideas, designs and/or entire exhibitions ready for travel. At Flying Fish, it’s our job to properly produce and/or prepare turnkey exhibitions for global touring. Most often, our clients will contribute objects, artifacts, and interpretation while Flying Fish produces the exhibition design and fabrication. For the exhibition tour, Flying Fish serves as the marketing and sales-force and will manage the global tour from start to finish (typically five to seven years).


Take our latest collaboration with the U.S. Space & Rocket Center for example. To commemorate the lunar landing’s 50th Anniversary in 2019, Flying Fish partnered with the Rocket Center to design, fabricate and tour ‘Apollo: When We Went to the Moon’. Flying Fish was responsible for ideation, design, fabrication, crating and logistics for the project, while we utilized the strengths of the Rocket Center team with their expertise and internal capacities for curation, education and interpretive writing. Combining the strengths of both organizations, the Rocket Center’s expertise in the subject matter with Flying Fish’s excellence in everything touring exhibitions, has resulted in a world-class touring exhibition. The tour is already booked through 2021 and has already secured a financial return for the Rocket Center’s initial investment.


Consider your goals and expectations in this venture of developing an exhibition to tour. Is your institution more interested in its museum brand extension, added revenue, or both?

Do you have an idea and/or a collection in mind? If not, that’s ok. We’ve come to rely upon our clients’ expertise and its treasures to find the most success in developing a globally or nationally marketable touring exhibition.

Let’s have a discussion. We’d love to hear your ideas and learn about your objectives. Then, we’ll determine how we move forward.


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Flying Fish

Flying Fish is a world-renowned producer of museum and science center exhibitions offering comprehensive services from exhibition design and fabrication to sales and marketing, global tour operations, and freight & logistics planning. Flying Fish partners with some of the world’s top museums to produce exhibitions whether for permanent display or for a global tour.

The exhibition offerings on tour with Flying Fish range in content from dinosaurs to the avant garde and appeal to those seeking immersive experiences, STEAM education and blockbuster exhibitions.