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GiovedìScienza makes its talks available in English

GiovedìScienza is organised by Associazione CentroScienza Onlus.
For any further information please contact:
Alessia Dino
tel + 39 011 8394913
e-mail ad@staff.centroscienza.it

Since 1987 the 1,600-seat Colosseo Theatre in Torino, Italy, has been a science showcase with lively, interactive presentations by renowned scientists, researchers and science writers. Through films, theatrical dramatization, demonstrations and laboratory experiments, this weekly journey into the world of science can certainly be considered the most remarkable of its kind in Italy and also one of the most important and long-running in Europe. With the current edition, GiovedìScienza celebrates its 25th anniversary by making its talks available in English. Each encounter is broadcast live in Italian and is then available for streaming in English and Italian a week after the event by connecting to the archive.

The programme of GiovedìScienza runs from November 2010 to March 2011. To know more about GiovedìScienza and to watch the lecture you are interested in, go to www.giovediscienza.org


CentroScienza ONLUS

CentroScienza Onlus was founded in 1996, on the basis of the solid experience of university professors, journalists and science museum professionals.

In the last 15 years, the association’s projects have expanded and diversified considerably.