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Fabrik – Creativity Factory

Fabrik - Creativity Factory
Fabrik - Creativity Factory

Fabrik – Creativity Factory is unlike any other tinkering lab. Firstly, the lab is larger than most, with a space of 500 square meters and that can accommodate up to 100 visitors. Secondly, Fabrik is also different from classical tinkering labs where the visitor experience is often limited to creating an object. Instead, the Fabrik experience is structured around six challenges for the visitor to choose from and solve. Each challenge has its own station and is filled with different tools to help the visitor solve the problem. Visitors can try to solve these challenges in a hands-on and creative way, and mistakes are encouraged as a way to learn. Thirdly, what also makes Fabrik different from most tinkering labs is that it offers visitors a unique, structured tour, with groups of 15 guided by an educator throughout their hour-long visit.

Discover this imaginative and innovative workshop lab, using experimentation and tools to solve the six challenges at Montréal Science Centre.

In addition, Fabrik – Creativity Factory can be licensed offering these six challenges to museums and science centres. Contact the Montréal Science Centre for more information.

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