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Excellent year for EXPERYMENT Science Centre

Year 2014 was the first year of activity fully carried out on brand new exhibition of EXPERYMENT Science Centre in Gdynia. During this very successful time, EXPERYMENT welcomed 260 000 visitors. All guests had opportunity to experience more than 200 interactive, fascinating exhibits. During 2014 there were also few temporary exhibits in EXPERYMENT such as “Urban Bees – the bees in my City” (summer 2014) or “Feel the art” (still available until the end of February 2015). Exhibition “Feel the art” makes users understand how blind people perceive the world we live in.

Moreover more than 20 lectures were held, as well as plenty workshops on different topics for both: families and school groups. Since October 2010 EXPERYMENT Science Centre organizes EXPERYMENT Academy for elementary school children and their parents. In 2014 more than 450 pupils took part in EXPERYMENT Academy lectures. Also six seminars of Polish Academy of Children took place in EXPERYMENT, during which very young scientists held their lectures on important subjects such as bees extinction, human brain or Peoples’ Republic of China.

In march 2014 the biggest conference of science centres and related institutions in Poland was organized in EXPERYMENT. “Interaction-Integration” conference lasted three days and was a great opportunity to share experiences between participants. EXPERYMENT Science Centre also took part in World Space Week during which the exhibition “Hook up with Rosetta” have been presented and it is available in EXPERYMENT till now. This exhibition shows pioneering 10-year mission of Rosetta probe and Philae lander.

In 2014 EXPERYMENT Science Centre was awarded by Marshal of Pomerania Voivodeship for the most creative offer. Also Polish Tourist Organization awarded EXPERYMENT main prize as the best touristic product in Poland.


Experyment Science Centre

Experyment Science Centre in Gdynia is an interactive exhibition that offers education and creative entertainment. It is a modern scientific and educational playground for amateur explorers and the “learning through fun” philosophy followers of all ages. Each exhibition constitutes a unique opportunity to experience and understand common phenomena through simple, safe and amusing experiments.