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EU research - Making citizens' VOICES heard

“Voices for Responsible Research and Innovation: Engaging Citizens to Shape EU Research Policy on Urban Waste” outlines the outcomes of the first in-depth consultation of people living in every country of the European Union on the topic of urban waste, focusing in particular on the concept of ‘waste as a resource’ and the transition to a ‘zero waste society’. A brand new VOICES scribing has also been added to the project homepage: voicesforinnovation.eu. “You’re making your VOICES heard” is a short paper drawing animation made by Ecsite member formicablu. It explains in a nice visual format the story of what happened in VOICES, from the setting up of the consultations to why it was so important in the current context of Responsible Research and Innovation.

The consultation has been carried out in the context of pioneer EU-funded project VOICES, led by Ecsite. For the first time European citizens’ views on issues affecting their daily lives have been formally taken into account for future research and scientific developments – an example of the current shift of paradigm in EU science policy: Responsible research and Innovation (RRI) in action.