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Even the title of the special exhibition at the Deutsches Museum is a call to action: "energie.wenden" (energy turnaround). It brings to life a highly complex, hotly debated issue with creative activities and displays. In an entirely new approach for the Deutsches Museum, this exhibition is centred around multimedia role plays, where the visitors themselves make decisions on the energy turnaround. The exhibition also includes objects to illustrate the various aspects of the energy production and technical challenges, such as a Tesla Roadster, the first series-produced electric car to drive around the world in 2012, .

At the heart of the exhibition visitors are invited to become policy makers. In the main exhibition space, they encounter big screens with key figures in the energy sector played by actors. Everyone is there: from the nuclear power lobbyist and the farmer to a woman involved in building hydroelectric and a technician who works on the electric power network. The visitors have to sort out the slogans and arguments and decide what kind of energy turnaround they want, filling punchcards at the end of their visit to tell what kind of "energy turnaround" profile they have.


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