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Dialogue session with Spanish citizens on brain-machine interfaces & RRI

Preliminary results - dialogue in Spain - nano2all

The 7 June event was led by the ICN2 and focused on the concept of brain - computer interfaces. It took place at CCCB in the heart of Barcelona ’s Raval district. After a short introduction to nanotechnology, around a dozen participants, guided in the process by Àlex Argemi, head of the ICN2 Marketing and Communications Department, “invented” their own nanodevices and then projected themselves into the future to see what a world with these device s might look like. The inventions were incredibly varied, from a brain implant to restore speech and communication skills to an intravenous sensor and app combo that could tell you what nutrient(s) your body needed, what foodstuffs to get it from and maybe even stimulate a craving for it...

But the discussion wasn’t without its dark side, with a sensation enhancement device intended to aid learning and augment media experiences being misappropriated for use in psychological torture, or safety glasses designed to heighten the wearer’s attention when operating dangerous machinery potentially leading to work force exploitation and the classification of people as “valid” or “invalid” .

Read in the pdf below the preliminary results of this dialogue in the framework of the NANO2ALL project.