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Call: digital work of art for future art&science space

The Pass (Parc d'aventures scientifiques) in Frameries, Belgium
The space of the future "Waouh zone" at the Pass, Frameries, Belgium

In March 2017, the Pass will open the Waouh Zone – a new exhibition space located within its historic buildings.

This dedicated digital culture space will explore the boundaries between art, science and technology and will feature an exhibition of works of art based around a central theme – the relationship between man and machine.

The Pass has therefore joined forces with the Fabrique de Théâtre to issue this call for participation for digital artists from Belgium and elsewhere in Europe, whose artistic and thematic orientations are closely aligned with the project.

Proposals must involve digital technologies as a form of expression and must seek to develop “interactive” dialogue with the public. Priority will be given to immersive, unique, exciting and sensitive artistic experiences.

Submission deadline: 5 September. All you need to know is in the attached document.



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PASS - Parc d'Aventures Scientifiques - SCRLFS

The Pass is a museum. A museum dedicated to science, technology and society. But a new kind of museum. The site itself is unusual, too. A former colliery in the Borinage area of the Hainaut region, in Wallonia, Belgium. There are no collections here – instead there are exhibitions and shows covering an area of 12,000 m² (130,000 sq.ft.), inviting visitors to interact, to make the most of their curiosity and to reach an opinion about the role of science and technology in our society.