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Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre 29 November 2011

‘Sex, wot’s the big deal?’ is the themed exhibition for adolescents between 10 to 14 years old where they discover everything about being in love, their changing bodies and sex in a playful and responsible way.

Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre 12 September 2011

At the 6th Science Centre World Congress convened in Cape Town, South Africa, from 4-8 September 2011, 416 delegates from 56 countries assessed the impact of science centres worldwide and formulated plans that will ensure that they continue to play a constructive role in addressing global issues at the interface between science and society. Robert Firmhofer, President of Ecsite, signed the Cape Town Declaration – a document meant to map the social role of science centres.

Sissa Medialab 5 September 2011

More than 30 participants from science centres all over Europe, and even Brazil, will meet in Trieste, Italy, on 12 to 16 September 2011 for the first Pilots Summer School organized by Ecsite.

Discovery Museum 29 July 2011

Continium Discovery Center in Kerkrade, the Netherlands and Odysseum in Cologne, Germany are the Ecsite Directors’ Forum’s proud hosts for 2011.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center 25 July 2011

The Planetarium Science Center issues a Newsletter on quarterly basis. The newsletter is distributed to the public in both languages; English and Arabic.The PSC has issued the first PSC Newsletter in 2007. The main aim of the newsletter is to outreach the public with simple scientific knowledge and inform them of the PSC latest programs and events.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center 25 July 2011

The Planetarium Science Center is celebrating the Closing Ceremony for the ongoing Summer Program on Monday 12 September 2011. The Ceremony will be a cultural event, including a movie presenting the students achievements during the Program, in addition to the PSC unique Super Science Show that is so entertaining for children as well as adults. Also, the ceremony will be hosting a few eminent speakers and honoring distinguished participants.

Copernicus Science Centre 7 July 2011

Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, met with Ecsite President Robert Firmhofer at Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, Poland, on 1 July, 2011.

Barosso made clear that he is very impressed by the Copernicus Science Centre after previewing its state-of-the-art full dome planetarium and browsing its galleries of experiments.

Experyment Science Centre 20 June 2011

As part of further development of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia (POLAND), our EXPERYMENT Science Centre is changing as well.

Museo delle Scienze - Università di Camerino 10 June 2011

Camerino, University Science Museum, 12-20 April 2011

For the centenary of superconductivity discovery (Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, 1911) the Science Museum and the Physics division of Camerino University have organized an interactive exhibition which ran from 12 to 20 April 2011.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center 18 April 2011

The Planetarium Science Center at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina organized Science Festivity 2011 for the fifth year in a row on April 10, 2011. Science Festivity grants science presence in the community, and is appropriate to different age groups and cultural backgrounds. All visitors enjoyed the acquisition of knowledge through participation in various activities, whether alone or accompanied by family and friends. The Festivity also welcomed schools trips from all educational stages.