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Alexandria: The Cradle of Astronomy Show Premiere

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center (PSC) proudly presents its first All-Sky production. “Alexandria: The Cradle of Astronomy” show which follows the production of the video- panorama show “The Sky of Alexandria”. For the first time in Egypt, the show is presented using the Digistar 4 projection technology, which allow the viewer to travel in colorful interactive three-dimensional worlds, and to experience an explorative scientific journey through the giant screen. The “Alexandria: The Cradle of Astronomy” takes us back to the second and third centuries BCE, reviving the glory and civilization of the ancient Alexandria and its eternal library. It also offers a glimpse of the achievements of Alexandria scientist in general, and the first astronomy scientist in particular, especially those who enriched human civilization and studied in the lobbies of the ancient library, such as: Hypatia, Hipparchus, Eratosthenes, Apollonius, Ptolemy, or the Alexandrian Theon. Taking the viewer on a unique journey through the glories of the past and the challenges of the future, the show encompasses 3D visualization of the ancient library and the Museum (or institution of the Muses as it was once called), through the lively images and the highly accurate video shots. The viewer spends time in the lobbies of the ancient library with its great scientist, and explores the New Library of Alexandria, the architectural landmark of the 21st century. The script for this show is written by Dr. Omar Fikry, Astronomy Researcher in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center, and the scientific content is reviewed by renowned Egyptian scientist Dr. Farouk Elbaz.