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10 thousand visitors at the first Portuguese Mini Maker Faire

The first Portuguese Mini Maker Faire, hosted by Pavilion of Knowledge – Ciência Viva last weekend was a huge success, with 280 makers and around 10 thousand visitors.

In the Pavilion of Knowledge – Ciência Viva, robots and drones, mechanical sculptures, electronic games, arcades and puzzles, physiological signs monitoring devices, vehicle conversion, eco-design projects, prototyping and digital manufacturing, 3D printers and hardware hacking were just a few of the examples the audience public could try during the three day event.

Scientists, craftsmen, mechanics, artists, handymen, technology and electronics enthusiasts shared their projects created in a DIY (Do it yourself) approach in their garages, labs, homes or small companies. The programme also included workshops and talks.

Maker Faires were born in 2006 in the USA and are regarded today as the largest show and tell of inventions, creativity and ingenuity worldwide. These events spawned the maker movement and an international community of makers of all ages and origins that meet in these happenings to show and tell what they do.


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