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Super Science Show

28 November 2012
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Bringing science to Life! – the Super Science Show(SSS) is fun, fast-paced and most importantly, educational! The Super Science Show is a theatrical show where science is animated in a fun and exciting manner. Life on the stage, the viewers will discover the marvels of science through magical demonstrations. Demonstrations are based on the scientific integration of the different fields of science like chemistry, physics and biology to excite school students and stimulate their curiosity to learn. The SSS theme is changed every year to tackle a new scientific pressing issue. With the intriguing character of the show’s performer “Professor Zanzoun”, and his passion for teaching, his sense of humor, his fast-paced performance, and various hands-on presentations, the SSS makes learning science accessible and cool. Parents will enjoy quality family time in edutainment show, where their kids learn, have fun, and get engaged in science. The SSS main goal is to bring science outside the classrooms and demonstrate its application to all aspects of our everyday life. Throughout the show, students get enthusiastic to embark on the journey of science to discover more about this hidden treasure of knowledge.