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Summer Science Camp

Make and do at Summer Science Camp!

For the first time Life Science Centre is opening its doors for a special Summer Science Camp! At this five day event for 13 to 18 year olds, there will be the chance to do lots of exciting and cool stuff. Participants can learn to tinker, make and create, do amazing chemical experiments, make friends and influence people through science busking, help build a seismograph that can record earth quake tremors (and measure the disturbance caused by their experiments!) They can also play on the world’s biggest collection of computer games in the Science Centre which is home to Game On 2.0 throughout the summer.

Sessions run from 10am - 4pm each day.


International Centre for Life

Science in the 21st century is proving to be fast moving, potentially life-enhancing and certainly controversial. Life has grown out of a desire to deliver a science centre for the North East that is forward looking and seeks to offer these leading edge ideas in a form that is easily accessible to everyone.