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Stelarc: Actuate/Animate: Event for Avatar

Paccar Theatre Admission: €7.50 (€10 for Stelarc's performance AND Prosthetic Aestetics on June 15th)

Contact us on + 353 (0) 1 896 4107 or +353 (0) 1 896 4091 or email info@sciencegallery.com

13 June 2011
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Come see one of the world’s most celebrated performance artists perform a special piece exclusively for HUMAN+ in Science Gallery. SPECIAL HUMAN+ TICKET OFFER: For only €10, get tickets to both Stelarc’s performance and the Prostetic Aesthetics panel on June 15th. Email info@sciencegallery.com to avail of this offer, or call 01-896-4091, or book both tickets and claim €5 back at the front desk)

About the performance:

Actuate/Animate: Event for Avatar

This performance explores an actual-virtual interface, where the artist’s gestures navigate and actuate his avatar in a Second Life installation of rotating brains and a beating heart. Avatar clones actuated in Melbourne augment and counterpoint the choreography. The virtual objects are mapped with the artist’s amplified body signals and sounds that are triggered by the avatar as it interacts in the virtual space. The performance actuates and animates an avatar to generate a sense of aliveness.

Performance Credits: Virtual Camera- Dr. Lisa Dethridge, Digital Media Producer, RMIT School of Media & Communication, Melbourne, Australia; Technical Facilitator- Adrian Martin, Cura IT, Melbourne, Australia; SL Installation and Performance- Pyewacket, Melbourne, Australia.

There will be a presentation by the artist immediately following the performance, entitled:

Circulating Flesh: The Cadaver, The Comatose & The Chimera

In an age of gene mapping, body hacking, neural jacking and prosthetic augmentation what a body is and how a body performs becomes problematic. Organs are circulating, bodies are recombinant and increasingly perform in mixed realities. This will be presentation by the artist using images, video clips and animations discussing the Suspension, Third Hand, Robot and Extra Ear performances and projects and the ideas generated about obsolete, empty and involuntary bodies.