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Space Travel - on the way to a new Earth

Imagine setting off for a new planet – how fantastic would that be! Space Travel gives you the chance to train for the long years of space travel, be an astronaut on board your own spacecraft, and prepare the new planet for the arrival of future residents from Earth.

The exhibition takes you right inside the world of space travel and science. Raise your eyes to the stars and let your space odyssey begin!

First, of course, you’ll need proper preparation for the long journey before you. Acquire the necessary skills by training on a fitness circuit and doing technical tests, and find out how quick and steady you are at handling apparatus. Then put your technical skills into practice at ground control. Conduct telephone communications with astronauts on space missions while operating the instruments to prepare for a launch. Ready for take-off!

During space travel, you’ll live and work on board your spacecraft. You’ll eat, sleep and work just as you do at home on Earth. You’ll keep fit, go to the (space) toilet and undergo the physical effects of a long journey in space. Discover the differences in all these aspects of life. Look into space live through the cameras of the International Space Station and admire the incredible view. Play the docking game and connect space capsules carrying fellow astronauts to your own craft. How can you avoid a meteorite cloud? Find out for yourself with this exciting game!

Water, food, oxygen and energy are the basic preconditions of life on any new planet, but you’ll also need a house to live in. As in the spacecraft, life on the new planet will differ in many ways from life on Earth. Take gravity, for instance: how high will you be able to jump? The weather may be different too. How can you shield yourself from space storms and the effects of being so much closer to the sun? The exhibition will show you how to grow plants on a different planet. How will you manage to live on a new Earth?


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