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ScienceCenter Ferrodrom®

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14 April 2018 - 3 November 2019
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The first Science Center in the SaarLorLux region, the Science Center Ferrodrom®, in the burden shed with its area of more than 10,000 m2, invites the visitor to discover the fascinating world of iron and steel. Ferrodrom® takes visitors from the early days of iron production right through to high-tech products of the future. With the four elements fire, water, earth, and air, iron can be produced at its best. These elements can be sampled with the fire- and wind tornado, the ice cube or the wind-machine. Over 100 interactive experiment and participation stations invite children and adults to explore the processes of iron and steel production in a playful manner.

The ScienceCenter Ferrodrom® is opened each year from Sunday before Eastern until the first days of November.

ScienceCenter Ferrodrom®


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Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte - Europäisches Zentrum für Kunst und Industriekultur

The Völklinger Hütte World Heritage Site is the only fully preserved ironworks of industrial culture. Covering an area of more than 600.000 m2, the gigantic ironworks are a must-see attraction for anyone seeking the exceptional. On a tiny space it displays a collection of milestones in high technology of the 19th and 20th centuries. Today, the Völklinger Hütte forms part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites, like the Cheops pyramid in Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the Acropolis in Athen and Cologne Cathedral.

Where once there were chimneys smoking and a deafening noise was part of everyday work, is now a place of concerts and large-scale exhibitions.