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Science Festivity 2014

15 April 2014 - 16 April 2014
  • Festival

The Science Festivity comprises a Science Village built on the BA Plaza, where various workshops and activities, prepared by school students under the supervision of their teachers and university students, are displayed. It is composed of 12 interactive activity zones, 25 square meters each (5mx5m). The Science Festivity 2014 (SF 2014) will take place under the overarching theme of “Human life” to inform the visitors about the different aspects of Human life, including five main topics; Health, Food, Technology, Communication and Astronomy. The SF will also host the Super Science Show, documentaries, plays and a band that will create a more enthusiastic atmosphere. It will last for 2 days at the BA, yet It will also take place concurrently at the BA’s partners sites, where it extends till the end of April 2014. The PSC will also provide buses, for the two days, to transport under privileged schools students from different remote areas in Alexandria. The PSC has partnered with the Ministry of Education; Research, Development & Innovation Programme; Cultural Centers; Schools and other entities to disseminate the festivity.