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Robots: hopes and fears – evening panel discussion

Life Science Centre, Times Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4EP


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1 November 2018
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Robots: hopes and fears – evening panel discussion

There are many ways in which robots could improve healthcare and wellbeing: robotic surgeons are already being used in highly intricate operations, including to treat patients with pancreatic and kidney cancer; in our aging society, robots could help to care for the elderly with humanoid carers; while the many people who are unable to drive for health reasons could find greater independence thanks to driverless cars.

In all of these examples, however, there are concerns that tasks once performed by a human could be taken over by a robot. Are we comfortable as a society with replacing human interaction in caring roles? Should we fear that robots will steal our jobs? And could they even threaten the survival of humanity if AI surpasses human intelligence?

What are your hopes and fears for a future in which robots play an ever more prevalent role in society? Come to Life Science Centre for a lively discussion on the subject with a panel of experts.


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