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Prosthetic Aesthetics

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14 June 2011
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What questions are raised by the blurring boundary between body augmentation and enhancement? Will medical and technical practices which compensate for physical limitations soon bring abilities beyond that of the ‘natural’ human body? Are we already ‘augmented’ humans? Join us for a panel discussion where we hope to address many issues raised in HUMAN+ with performance artist Stelarc, HUMAN+ curator Dr. Rachel Armstrong, Professor Lizbeth Goodman,hosted by Science Gallery director Michael John Gorman.

We will review the spectrum of artistic and functional body modification, up to speculation on not-yet-possible enhancements to our abilities, senses and cognition.

SPECIAL HUMAN+ TICKET OFFER: For only €10, get tickets to both Stelarc’s performance (June 14th) and the Prosthetic Aesthetics panel on June 15th.