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Playing with Light exhibition at Scitech, Perth, Western Australia

Picture 20,000 individual LED lights illuminating a tunnel that you can walk through. Now imagine being able to manipulate those lights to follow your every movement. This is Scitech’s latest exhibition, Playing with Light, and that is just the entrance…

Full-body interactive exhibits engage visitors in an array of exciting and amazing light, laser and lens-based experiences, including freezing their shadows, mixing coloured lights, discovering how to shake their own hand and making a laser beam bounce down a stream of water!

Visitors can also enjoy tackling a smoky maze of lasers as they try and weave and duck their way across the room without setting off alarms, They can also experience the ‘painting with light’ exhibit which offers budding artists the opportunity to create colourful creations using an infrared paint brush and virtual canvas.

Did you know?

- The exhibiton took 18 months to research and develop - The creative team travelled the world to research the latest advancements in light technology - The exhibition cost AUS$1 million to develop - A team of 20 staff worked around the clock to put the exhibition together – a huge 11,000 manual labour hours! - When it finishes at Scitech it will travel nationally and internationally for around 10 years

The Playing with Light exhibition is one of Scitech’s seven travelling exhibitions which are proudly supported by BHP Billiton.


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  • light
  • lasers
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Scitech is Western Australia’s own hands-on, minds-on science centre. Since opening in 1988, over 3.35 million visitors have experienced Scitech’s unique interactive exhibits, feature exhibitions and theatre shows.

Scitech is a not-for-profit organisation receiving funding from admissions, sponsorship and supported by the state government. Our mission is to increase awareness, interest, capability and participation by all Western Australians in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.