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The Planetarium Science Center Summer Program

2 June 2012 - 5 September 2012
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The Planetarium Science Center is organizing its Summer Programfor the fifth successive year, and with double its capacity, hoping to accomodate the public increasing demand, as the Program has grown to be very popular among students of all ages. The Program comprises a group of scientific workshops, in addition to one Planetarium show, one documentary movie, visits to the famous ALEXploratorium and the Listen and Discover Auditorium, and lectures. As the PSC is a public edutainement center, not aiming for profit but for educating the Egyptian youth and making them interested in sciences, and as the Summer Program is one of its most successful events, the PSC now is getting ready for the registration of nearly 2,000 students of ages from 4 to 16 years, having each age range in a separate group.