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Madatech explores the science of navigation with Map it!

After its opening run at Scitech, the science center located in Perth, Australia, Map it! navigated to Madatech, Haifa, Israel.

With its very unique topics, Map it! is the kind of unusual exhibition that visitors from Madatech enjoy, especially in summer, which is one of their peak season.

Here is a great video of the exhibition at Madatech.

Indeed, Humans always needed to understand and explore our world, and this is what has been driving developments in science and technology.

Visitors get in touch with mathematics, geography, geology, topography, space sciences, communications technology, and many more, through the 19 exhibits, offering a variety of experiences.

After its Summer and Fall run at Madatech, the exhibition will be available for its next host venue!


  • geography; touring; traveling; exhibition


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