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Let's give the numbers!

The exhibition Let's give the numbers! - A 3D journey through Fingers, Dice and Data: a fascinating interactive exhibition to discover the world of mathematics and numbers through games and stories. Figures, data, averages, errors, surveys, risk assessments: today we are called to deal more and more with the numbers and even if we can delegate these concerns to others, learning to use and understand the numbers helps us to orient ourselves in the world and take conscious decisions.

Exhibition conceived by Antonietta Mira, professor of statistics at the University of Italian Switzerland.



The University of Catania (UniCT) was founded in 1434, and it is the oldest university in Sicily (Italy). UniCT has 17 departments plus 2 special didactic units in the decentralized offices of Ragusa and Syracuse, the “Scuola Superiore di Catania”, which is a higher education center for brilliant minds, and 29 research centers that cover any kind of scientific and social area.