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The Legend Queen Elizabeth II. Luciano Pelizzari Collection

Elizabeth II is a living legend; her life spans an entire epoch. Indeed, during her reign, she has seen the terms of office of all German Federal Chancellors to date, as well as those of British Prime Ministers from Winston Churchill through to Theresa May. Queen Elizabeth II is, moreover, the most portrayed person of the 20th and 21st centuries. With its many depictions of the Queen, this exhibition brings to life the 90 years of her reign. Its numerous photographs, paintings, stamps and coins come from one of the world's largest collections of its kind – the Luciano Pelizzari Collection – and present a comprehensive, multilayered portrait of the sovereign. They show the Queen as a human being and as a monarch, they feature her encounters with important events and personalities of the 20th and 21st centuries, and they demonstrate how her private and public personas were depicted in art and culture.

The exhibition "The legend Queen Elizabeth II. The Luciano Pelizzari Collection" examines the modern Elizabethan era and delves into the myths and legends that have developed around Queen Elizabeth II. The many pieces that make up the Luciano Pelizzari Collection chronicle the life of a woman whose reign as Queen goes back to 1952. They present Queen Elizabeth II as a monarch, as the head of a family, and as figure idolized by the British and by a multitude of fans around the world. Luciano Pelizzari was a student of the famous artist Pietro Annigoni (1910 – 1988), who was best known for his portraits of the Queen. It was through this connection that Pelizzari’s collection began life. Queen Elizabeth II is a style icon, and her clothing and jewelry are studied and celebrated throughout the world. She is a motif for and an emblem of pop culture. As part of the exhibition at the Völklinger Hütte World Heritage Site, international pop and urban art.


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Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte - Europäisches Zentrum für Kunst und Industriekultur

The Völklinger Hütte World Heritage Site is the only fully preserved ironworks of industrial culture. Covering an area of more than 600.000 m2, the gigantic ironworks are a must-see attraction for anyone seeking the exceptional. On a tiny space it displays a collection of milestones in high technology of the 19th and 20th centuries. Today, the Völklinger Hütte forms part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites, like the Cheops pyramid in Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the Acropolis in Athen and Cologne Cathedral.

Where once there were chimneys smoking and a deafening noise was part of everyday work, is now a place of concerts and large-scale exhibitions.