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International Year of Light Celebration

12 November 2015
  • Festival

The Planetarium Science Center is organizing a one day festivity to celebrate the International Year of Light as declared by the UNESCO to be this year, 2015. The day will highlight the famous ancient scientist, Ibn Al-Haytham, and his contributions in the fields of optics and light.

This event comes as a part of the concurrent activities for the global blockbuster1001 Inventions Exhibition, hosted by the PSC at the BA during the period 20 October till 15 December 2015. This is in collaboration with 1001 Inventions Foundation and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, with the patronage of the Egyptian Prime Ministry, aiming to celebrate and raise awareness of the extraordinary and often-forgotten scientific and cultural achievements from the Golden Age of Muslim Civilization

This one day event offers various activities, including hands-on workshops highlighting the role of light in several fields in our lives; like, medicine and technology and also applying 1001 Inventions Exhibition slogan: “Discovering Our Past…Inspiring Our Future”. The festivity will also include entertaining science performances: light show, shadows play, mini exhibition containing one of Ibn Al Haytham’s rarest manuscripts. In addition to that, there is a complete zone dedicated to commemorate Al-Haytham’s inventions through hands on workshops.