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High Tech Romeinen

Gert-Jan van Rijn
gjvrijn (at) museon.nl

22 September 2012 - 31 August 2013
  • Exhibition

2000 years ago, the Romans ruled over a great empire. How did they become so successful? Find out in this interactive and inspiring High Tech Romans exhibition! The Romans were curious, inventive and practical. They borrowed many ideas from nearby cultures. They took existing inventions, adapted them to suit themselves and then systematically exported them all over the empire. The result was a widespread array of architectural and engineering masterpieces unequalled for many centuries afterwards. How did they manage it without computers, motors and electricity? Find out what they were capable of, follow in their footsteps and be inspired by the High Tech Romans. Just like the Romans we too are facing issues that require a creative approach, cooperation and technology.

This exhibition combines more than 30 interactive exhibits with exciting archaeological finds in 20 showcases.

Find out more: www.hightechromans.com (English) www.museon.nl/hightechromeinen (Dutch)



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