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Game On 2.0

Life is delighted to host Game On 2.0, the biggest collection of playable computer games in the world!

From Sonic to Samus, Mario to Minecraft, Game On 2.0 is the world’s most comprehensive collection of computer games from the past 60 years. This major international exhibition is coming to Newcastle’s Life Science Centre in May 2015. Enjoy more than 100 playable games and explore the history and culture of gaming throughout the years. Retro-lovers can indulge in arcade classics such as Pac-Man, and more modern games such as Rock Band and Halo 3 are also available to play.

The exhibition gives a global take on video games, the highlights include an exploration of the influence of manga and anime on computer games; films that have been influenced by and influenced computer games; online gaming, music composed for games and new games technologies.

*Depending on the game played - age restrictions may apply.


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