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The Future of Human Being

18 February 2016 - 20 February 2016
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Science Centre AHHAA Foundation

On 18-20 February 2016, around 70 students aged 16-19 will come together and debate over the topic of “The Future of Human Being” in Tartu. The event is a part of the EU funded project Synenergene and European Student Parliament sessions project.

Tartu might be one of the best places in which to start such a project since it considered a cultural and scientific hub of the country and is a birthplace to many important inventions in technology and biology. It is also a city of youth, always bustling with new ideas and filled with cheer.

Annika Vesselov, Kai Kaljumäe
Science Centre AHHAA Foundation
Tartu, Estonia


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AHHAA Science Centre Foundation

AHHAA was established as a special project of the Department of Research and Institutional Development of the University of Tartu (founded in 1632). AHHAA started its activities with a laser show in front of Tartu Observatory on September 1, 1997, and has had a strong and stable development ever since. The purpose of AHHAA is to introduce science to everyone. Using interactive and entertaining methods and the scientific excellence of 370-year old Tartu University, we try to overcome fear and prejudice towards learning.