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The Future of Human Being

18 February 2016 - 20 February 2016
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Science Centre AHHAA Foundation

On 18-20 February 2016, around 70 students aged 16-19 will come together and debate over the topic of “The Future of Human Being” in Tartu. The event is a part of the EU funded project Synenergene and European Student Parliament sessions project.

Tartu might be one of the best places in which to start such a project since it considered a cultural and scientific hub of the country and is a birthplace to many important inventions in technology and biology. It is also a city of youth, always bustling with new ideas and filled with cheer.

Annika Vesselov, Kai Kaljumäe
Science Centre AHHAA Foundation
Tartu, Estonia


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AHHAA Science Centre Foundation

AHHAA was established by Tartu University in 1997 (foundation since 2004). AHHAA is the largest science centre in Baltic States and is annually visited by more than 200 000 guests. We have permanent exhibition about science and we open twice a year a temporary exhibition. We hope to promote critical thinking among society through joy of discovery.