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Computational Creatures

BastelMix from low- to high-tech professional development workshop

Computational creatures: BastelMix from low- to high-tech

Join us for a day long tinkering workshop with Ryan Jenkins of Wonderful Idea Co at Raumschiff - the Maker-Space (not only) for Astronomy in Zurich.

This intensive workshop will provide an opportunity for educators to take a deep dive into the tinkering mind-set. We will get the chance to experience two hands-on workshops as learners. These activities will make use of high and low tech tools and suggest a range of possibilities for adaptation in museums, classrooms and after school programs.

In the morning we will experiment with dissecting a wind-up toy, examining the parts, purposes and complexities and remix them into new scrappy creations.

In the afternoon we will construct vibrating, jumping and spinning rovers controlled by Micro:Bit and Moto:bit! Participants will start with a quick introduction to the possibilities of micro:bit and then will build a bot with switches, sensors and other computational elements.

From these hands on experiences, we’ll build a foundation for reflection and conversations around the learning goals and outcomes for making and tinkering. And together we will consider practical tips and tricks for developing inspiring and accessible facilitation, materials and environments.

Ryan Jenkins is the co-founder of Wonderful Idea Co, a creative studio in Northern California that explores art, science & technology through making and tinkering. Ryan trains educators, develops playful environments, and creates unique handmade exhibits and art pieces for museums and makerspaces. He also has helped to organize hands-on activities and reflective conversations for the makerspace at the Ecsite conference since 2013. Previously, Ryan was a founding member of the Exploratorium's Tinkering Studio, where he developed workshops and activities that have been used, adapted and remixed in innovative education settings around the world.

The workshop will be held in English with translations into German if needed.

Should you wish to stay overnight, we can organize a room at a reduced price at the Hotel Zwiback right besides the course location.

Find more information and the enrolment form on the workshop website


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Raumschiff - The Maker-Space for Astronomy

Raumschiff is a place for pursuing astronomy as a hobby just like music or sports. We offer open activities, science cafes, workshops and the opportunity to participate in ‚real’ research.

People can get involved at various levels of depth – from simply enjoying the beauty of the universe to working on their own project ideas or engaging in citizen science over an extended period of time. Located near the city of Zurich, we focus on data based astronomy.