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4 July 2012
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Come and have a nice cool drink in the garden of the Museum of Natural sciences, which will be exceptionally open on Thursday 5th of July from 18h30 to 21h45. Whilst you’re there, you can even experience the extraordinary atmosphere of the Dinosaurs Gallery during this twilight zone between day and night, that makes you feel our Dinosaurs might come to life any instant.

For this occasion, Belgian sculptor Didier Leemans will open a pop-up expo inside and outside our Museum walls.


Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

The natural history museum is the visible part of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and its 160 researchers. It has 16 000 m² of permanent galleries, temporary exhibition rooms welcoming 2 exhibitions per year (a large one of about 700m² and a small one of 100m²) and educational workshops, enabling it to welcome its 340 000 visitors each year, approximately 30 % of whom are school groups. Its Dinosaur Gallery is world famous, it being the largest in Europe.