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European Space Agency - ESA 2 April 2024

In March, we announced that 2023 would see the publication of over 300 vacancies at ESA. New vacancies keep being published as we continue our search for talented and motivated professionals to join our teams across Europe and support our mission of the peaceful exploration of space for the benefit of everyone. Could ESA be the next step in your career? Read more to find out!

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European Space Agency - ESA 11 October 2018
European Space Talks logo

This November the Ecsite Space Group, together with the European Space Agency - ESA, invites you to host a European Space Talk and share with the world our passion for Space.

European Space Agency - ESA 3 November 2016

The next Ecsite Space Group Annual Meeting will be held at the ESA/European Astronaut Centre (EAC), in Cologne, Germany, on 8–­­9 December.

One of the goals of the space group is to exchange ideas and design collaborative projects among its more than 100 members, to better share European space activities with the general public.

The Space group is led by Marc Moutin, Director of Exhibitions at Cité de l’Espace, Toulouse, France; Ana Noronha, Executive Director of Ciência Viva, Lisbon, Portugal; and Maria Menendez, Head of ESA Corporate Exhibitions and Events.

European Space Agency - ESA 18 October 2016

After travelling 496 million kilometers, ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter arrival and Schiaparelli landing on Mars will happen tomorrow. The European Space Agency will do a live coverage starting 15h CEST. You can find all the details below.

European Space Agency - ESA 13 October 2016
Copyright ESA/ATG medialab

The ExoMars 2016 mission will enter orbit around the Red Planet on 19 October. At the same time, its Schiaparelli lander will descend to the surface. One of the most crucial moments will be the moment of landing, set for 14:48:11 UTC (16:48:11 CEST) on 19 October. To be ready for that, you can find below a detailed schedule of the event programme as well as resources that the European Space Agency has made available. Be ready for this upcoming rendez vous, this time with the red planet.

European Space Agency - ESA 7 October 2016

Join us for our annual meeting at the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne on 8 and 9 December. Don't miss this unique opportunity of joining the space group participants to share exciting news about the future of teh ESA programmes, have a sneak peek of the new toolkit The International Space Station: Living and working in Space nad of sharing your space project with other peers. The highlight of this meeting will be the visit to the facilities, considered as a centre of excellence for astronaut selection, training, medical support and surveillance, as well as support of astronauts and their families during preparation for and during flight.

European Space Agency - ESA 28 September 2016

Rosetta grand finale is fast approaching! Check out the timetable of the extensive coverage that ESA has prepared and download the Rosetta toolkit with workshops, events and exhibition elements to be ready to this once in a lifetime event.

European Space Agency - ESA 6 September 2016

The London Science Museum will host a two-day space conference on September 14 and 15. During the conference, participants will have the chance to join ESA and international experts, both from within but also from outside the Space field, to explore and learn how research in the unique environment of space is creating opportunities to meet key challenges on Earth.

European Space Agency - ESA 24 August 2016
Copyright ESA/D. O'Donnell

On 10 September citizens from 22 European countries will participate in the first Citizens’ Debate on Space for Europe. You will have the opportunity to learn, debate, have your say and participate by suggesting priorities on all aspects of current and future space programmes. Don't miss this amazing opportunity and share it with your network!

European Space Agency - ESA 18 July 2016
Space Group pre-Conference hands on activities

The Colors of Cooperation” was the theme of Ecsite’s annual conference 2016 in Graz, Austria on 7–11 June, hosted by three Austrian partners: FRida & freD, the Graz Children Museum; Universalmuseum Joanneum; and ScienceCentre-Netzwork.

The Space Group workshop “Space for Life - Develop and share resources”, organised by ESA, Ecsite and the co-chairs of the Space Group, was held on 7–8 June at the Graz Art Museum, Kunshtaus.