Zavod Kersnikova

The Kersnikova Institute is one of the largest non-profit institutions in Slovenia, operating in the field of Art, Culture, Education, Technology & Society. Kersnikova is combining artistic, technological and scientific productions of socially responsible projects. It is home to some of the most important venues of contemporary urban culture: Kapelica Gallery as one of the central venues of contemporary investigative arts, Klub K4 as the most prominent alternative music & visual platform, RAMPA Lab as a multimedia research & education centre, and BioTehna Lab as a platform for artistic investigation of life systems.

Kapelica Gallery is a place of contemporary investigative arts. It's mission is to present art practices and projects that address any form of contemporarity. The Kapelica's programme consists of spatial installations, live events and lectures, biopolitics and urban phenomena that are rapidly alternating our everyday reality. In the Gallery we are closely monitoring the development of contemporary art thus the programme is always intended for the ones interested in impending future where life values and meaning of life will differ from today's views. Kapelica Gallery is not merely a space that we fill with already made artworks but rather an active production platform, which encourages, facilitates and presents investigative art production.

The specific nature of the RAMPA Lab offers a nearly unique integration between modern technologies, multimedia and interactivity. When complementing this with a technological and ideological view towards Open Source, copyleft and free access to knowledge, we get a community of various groups being formed in the MultiMedia / Educational Center resulting in a specific multidisciplinary intersection of tech enthusiasts. In our activities, special emphasis is given to groups promoting gender equality (ČIPke & CodeCatz) in science and technology.