Xké? Il laboratorio della curiosità

“Xké? Il laboratorio della curiosità” is a science center founded in 2011 by Fondazione per la Scuola and Compagnia di San Paolo. The center is open to school classes (students with teachers) of primary and secondary schools (6-13 years), with the aim to increase astonishment in children and their curiosity for scientific phenomena. The topic idea is that science can be enjoyed playing and experiencing, in a creative way. Xkè?’s main purpose is to engage students in science, to improve their skills, and to encourage innovation on scientific approach through the “hands on” method. Organized as a permanent “lab for curiosity”, the Center is divided in 6 different sections/laboratories: “Five Senses”, “Units of Measurement”, “Mathematics”, “Robotics”, “Light” and “Italian Ancient Scientists”.