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Our hands - on museum wissens.wert.welt in Klagenfurt is a world of exploring subjects like science, technology, arts, social issues or environmental themes. No matter whether our visitors are children, adults, teachers or grandpas and grandmas. There are many exciting themes to explore with all of the senses for everybody.

Our method is to give children and their accompanying adults tools to understand each subject and that it is always interrelated to the other parts of the exhibition. In our opinion, there is no such thing as a difficult subject. There is nothing that cannot be understood.

Using our method learning with all of our senses, we try to show that learning is fun and we are able to understand even complex subjects no matter what the content.

Only by using the principle of learning by doing, are we able to understand complex subjects sustainably. We are not learning for other people or for school – we are learning for life that is our message.

That is why our exhibitions are contain elements of subjects like physics, philosophy, chemistry, arts, history, philosophy, nature, technology or environment. Our goal is to make the invisible visible and understandable.

Kidsmobil is the travelling part of wissens.wert.welt and drives to schools all over Carinthia. All the materials we need are on board. Following the same principle as in blue cube, participants can immerse theselves in many exciting topics. Being a true “hands on” museum, youg people will have the opportunity to try out everything themselves. “Learning Using All Your Senses” is our motto.