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wissens.wert.welt is a world of knowledge for children and young adults in Klagenfurt,/Carinthia. Our targetgroup is aged from 6 to 19 years. We offer workshops in different aspects of art, culture, science and technology. At blue cube, we are all about “movies and television”. Here children and youngsters can find out how the pros really work. Together with experts from the movie and television industry, we accompany our participants on their journey of exploration and discovery.

Kidsmobile is a hands-on museum on wheels that travels to schools all over Carinthia. All the materials we need are on board. Following the principle of “learning by doing”, participants can immerse theselves in many exciting topics. Being a true “hands on” museum, youg people will have the opportunity to try out everything themselves. “Learning Using All Your Senses” is our motto.