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Ventspils zinātnes centrs "VIZIUM"

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Science centre / science museum
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Science Centre VIZIUM mission is to spread knowledge of physics, nature, interaction of substances, sound and light in an easily-to-understand manner, and to deepen understanding of science and its all-encompassing nature throughout different target audiences.

VIZIUM means: “V” for Ventspils, “I” for innovations, “ZI” for science, and “um” for centre (centrum) and it symbolises the vision, mission, value, communication, determination, efficiency, and identity.

Interactive educational exhibition halls, more than 80 interactive exhibits, science shows, laboratories, conference rooms, classes and tech creative workshops are available in the Science Centre, that can be attended to study physics, chemistry and other natural sciences.

The aim of the chosen exhibits is to awaken interest of children and youth in information technology and natural sciences from an early age and to contribute to a better understanding of the development of physics, engineering sciences, technologies and processes that occur in nature. The exhibits are both educational and interactive and are included in education and training programs as an important part of subject learning.

The exposition of the Science Center is divided into seven different galleries: Smart Technology Gallery, Simulators, Geography and World Gallery, Human and Self-Perception Gallery, Physics and Mathematics Gallery, Children’s Gallery and also Healthy Lifestyle Gallery.