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The Arctic in Change

“The Arctic in Change” exhibition offers the visitors a journey through the Arctic world today. The exhibition promotes the natural beauty and the cultural richness of the Arctic, while it informs the visitors about the ongoing rapid social and environmental changes occurring in the fragile Arctic.

Set up in a friendly environment, the exhibition combines multimedia shows, interactive stations, artefacts and photo enlargements. The exhibition revolves around the ongoing changes in the Arctic and illuminates the relationship between global and local issues.

It is divided into four main sections, starting from a basic introduction to the Arctic and ending with questioning about the future in a very positive way. In between, the survival of strategies of humans and nature are colourfully presented and the ongoing issues are interactively explained.

Northern lights theatre and a cold room

In the exhibition, the visitors can also experience the coldness and the magic of blue ice in a stylish cold room. Finally, the northern lights theatre offers a place where the visitors can simply lay down and peacefully enjoy the northern lights show on the ceiling. The northern lights phenomenon is also presented in special Birkeland box.

The thematic content is based on the latest scientific inputs of arctic researchers and the exhibition aim to positively promote the idea that the way towards sustainability is possible through a common and international effort.