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The work of TETRAGON is distinguished by the composition of Architecture with Design, Art and Communication. Based on these axes it consults, studies and proposes a complete range of solutions, but also supervises, directs and executes the total of energies until the complete/​final result. Thus the company today is in the position to lead its customers to solutions that make good use of the dynamics of new technologies and correspond to the new larger and more complex communication needs with regard to Architecture, Exhibition Shows and in studying Corporate/​Branding Image. TETRAGON is active in a wide spectrum of design solutions from the architectural work to the designed object, from the urban space to the point of corporate presence of an enterprise, from expressions of cul­ture to the corporate/​branding image. The cultural product, that needs to communicate with a wider public, requires delicate and creative handling. The presentation of an exhibit, the picture, and the information, the space and the way that will distinguish each exhibition are included in a total approach that requires a high and specialized level of managing. In a line of museums and centers of information but also in cultural exhibitions, we were given the chance to combine successfully the Architectural planning with the mod­ern perception for the presentation of exhibits and related material.


24 November 2015 - 31 August 2016